Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tashu wins fancy dress competition in prep group.

Congratulations to Tanisha on winning the 3rd prize in fancy dress competition.
Now she is all excited about going on to the stage and receiving her prize on the coming Konkani Day.
The theme for Tanisha's fancy dress was Mother Nature.
This is what she said on the stage--
"I m mother nature.
 I luv u all.
 The green grass, the tall trees ,the beautiful flowers
 the rushing waters , the chirping birds and all of you are a part of nature.
I give u fruits , vegetables n grains
but what do u give me in return ??"
then she opens up a part of her skirt and shows the hidden
plastic waste like bags , bottles glass etc.
Then she continues ...".wake up.
 Say no to plastic
N protect mother nature."